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Where can you build your own customized home, complete with full basements, cathedral ceilings, huge lots, central air, 2, 3 or 4 car garages & with the finest amenities you can imagine… for a fraction of the price of other builders? GLH will build you the home of your dreams, affordably!

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Chananhon, IL – Close your eyes. Now, imagine you waking up every morning and hearing the sounds of nature. You look out of your suite and you see rolling hills with scenic vistas. You see a beautiful river with deer nestling in the trees. The aromas of your Illy Coffee from your wet bar in master bedroom awaken you. You had a marvelous night of sleep, after all, you sat with your friends drinking Silver Oak around your outdoor fireplace. You think you’re staying at the Ritz Carlton in Lake Tahoe but then realize; this isn’t Lake Tahoe – this is Channahon, Illinois.

Copper Leaf, a unique property being developed by Luxury Home Investments, offers residents a chance to be close enough to Chicago, but far enough to feel as if every day is a vacation. And since each of the home-sites offers a unique chance to reconnect with nature, we decided to ask one of the builders in the development, Gardner Luxury Homes, a very simple question: If the home site is so unique – how can you bring the outdoors in?

Judy Gardner with Gardner Luxury Homes, always full of laughter and excitement, was happy to answer some of our questions. “First of all, aside from building gorgeous luxury homes with flexible floor plans, we have found that our buyers are really wanting to make investments into outdoor living spaces”, said Gardner. “From having an outdoor fireplace with a slate patio and bar, to having an infinity pool – whatever our client’s imaginations are we can find a solution to meet their need.”

Outdoor living environments aren’t just something to boast about either. Here are some of the benefits to outdoor living spaces:

Reduces and Alleviates Stress and Depression
Being in the open air is widely acknowledged as an effective way to boost a person’s mood. For individuals experiencing depression and those holding positions that are rather stressful, spending time in nature is every so often advised, since this is great for your mental health and for your overall health to slow down and recuperate. An outside living area in your home is a great and accessible area to do that.

Improves Immunity
A lot of studies would confirm the health gains and wonders of taking time to enjoy the outdoors and breathe the fresh air. These benefits include improvement and boost of the immune system and lessened rates of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Rests and Relaxes the Eyes
The outdoors could also be beneficial to your vision since it gives your eyes a break from indoor lighting and television, computer, and other electronic screens. Augmented time facing these electronic screens is a contributing factor to eye strain and pain, therefore by being in the outdoors, you grant your eyes an opportunity to rest, relax and adjust and adapt to wide open areas without any electronic screen around.

Extends Your Living Space at Home
Expanding your living space in your outside space allows you to pleasantly enjoy the outdoors. Not only will it be comfortable but will also be convenient and accessible for you and your family. A well planned out and maintained living space in the outdoor creates a great place for you to enjoy time with your family and entertain visitors.

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Gardner Luxury Homes. ONCE IN A LIFETIME… AFFORDABLE LUXURY HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY BEFORE! Where can you build your own customized home, complete with full basements, cathedral ceilings, huge lots, central air, 2, 3 or 4 car garages & with the finest amenities you can imagine… for a fraction of the price of other builders? GLH will build …

“We looked at all of the houses in the area, GLH has the best value and the best construction, plus the options were priced way below every other builder. We liked the fact that there weren’t hidden costs or fees. Almost everything Leach has to offer is included in their standards package AND their prices are still lower than everyone else!”

Andrew & Laurie Barker

Orland Park, IL



Joe & Kimberly Robinson

Plainfield, IL

“We are currently having our dream home built by GLH Builders.  We have been waiting for this moment for years, since our children were small.  For 15 years we have looked at homes and kept coming back to GLH because we saw the quality, concern, and the workmanship were the best.  They are family owned and care about families.  For 24 years, we lived in a small townhome of a little more than 900 sq. ft.  Now we have more than 3900 sq. ft. and at a price we can afford!  We will be moving shortly and our home is beautiful!  I can see the love and care that went into making our dream come true.  Thank you everyone at GLH!”

Mike & Susan Nushardt

“I think GLH builds a great home, that is why I own one myself!  I am very happy with my home!  Thanks for building a great product!”

Larry Hugg

City of Joliet Councilman & Independent Insurance Agent

Don Cowger

Will County Deputy Assessor, Plainfield Township

“We’ve been shopping for homes since last summer and the minute we saw the GLH, we fell in love.  We thought the homes were beautiful and the prices were the best, especially for people starting out.  The homes are affordable and we felt, designed for families.  None of the other builders in the area took the time that you did at GLH.  If you want friendly salespeople, this is the place to come… cookies, kiddy corner… what more could you ask for?”

Foster & Robin Fields

Aurora, IL

“We like the idea of your new neighborhood and all of the young families that are moving into them. We have seen the GLH ads for years and have friends that have built GLH. That convinced us to come out and look at the GLH. We couldn’t believe the size of the homes for the price. Nothing in Bolingbrook compares to the size and basements are always extra. We had been denied for a mortgage by another builder and we were treated so nicely and you folks were willing to work with us. We want to thank you for making our dream true!”

Jason & Kelly Wyns

Bolingbrook, IL

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