Where can you build your own customized home, complete with full basements, cathedral ceilings, huge lots, central air, 2, 3 or 4 car garages & with the finest amenities you can imagine… for a fraction of the price of other builders? GLH will build you the home of your dreams, affordably!

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Gardner Luxury Homes- Model- The Belmont

The Belmont

This all-American traditional 4 bedroom 2.5 bath, features lavish living and dining rooms and a private main floor study. A family sized kitchen & breakfast area are just steps away from the magnificent family room. The stairway in the 2-story foyer leads to a luxurious master suite and 3 generous bedrooms. A huge luxurious home, complete with basement & attached 2 car garage. This amazing home can be customized a number of different ways, with a full dormer housing a luxury whirlpool, 3 or 4 car attached garage etc. Ask your salesperson for more details.
As always, our homes come standard with architectural trim, custom Amish cabinetry, upgraded windows, solid granite countertops in the kitchen, fine hardwood flooring, all stainless appliances, your choice of all colors, professional landscaping, full basements and the ability for you to customize your own home, at No Charge!
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